About RAM Systems.

Constitution Of The Company

RAM Systems is a share holding company specialized in the field of Electro-mechanical works and Low Current Installation. The company was founded in Cairo, Egypt, on January 1983, and has grown since then to over 120 professional staff members, among whom site managers, engineers, computer specialists, accountants and administrators. The company is classified as 1st Class in the Egyptian Committee for Construction Contractors .

Capital Investment & Assets:

Deposited capital: L.E 3 Million

The present assets of the company consist of:

1. Equipment investment (L.E 2 Million).
2. Head Office private property, in Cairo Down town.
3. Engineering offices in Dubai & Algeria.
4. Warehouse & stores at Salam City, Cairo suburbs


The company's major activity in Egypt is the contracting of Electro-mechanical works, on turnkey jobs, including the power & low current systems & networks.
Because of the company's vast professional resources, supported by 28 years of experience, RAM Systems is able to deal with all aspects of technical installation projects, from the most simple studies to the most sophisticated turnkey projects, including, large industrial complexes, tourist complexes, multi-purpose commercial centers, power plants, hospitals, banks …etc.

Founder's Vision

“Raised at the Jesuits’ College in Egypt, since my childhood, I learned how to be seriously motivated in all my endeavors. Like a water fall would endlessly feed a turbine to generate electrical power to a district, RAM Systems, once assigned a job, it would sustain the challenge of its commitments, no matter the difficulties confronted. ”

-Ramy Sabbagh, Founder and Chairman