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Ramy Sabbagh
Chairman, Ram Systems SAE.

Farid Credi
VP & Technical Director , Ram Systems SAE.
Eng. Ramy Sabbagh:
Has acquired a B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering, from McGill University - Montreal - Canada. He has worked at Brown Boveri Canada (BBC - Head
Quarters) on the mass transit underground subway project of the city of Montreal. Starting by converting the European prototype design to the North
American standards and ending by supervising the commissioning & startup of the electric train vehicles.
Upon his return to Egypt, He has founded RAM Systems Constructions, S.A.E, Where he holds the positon of Chairman & Managing Director of the firm.

Eng. Farid Credi:
Eng. Farid Credi has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Cairo University.
Mr. Credi spent 20 years of his career with Dar Al Handassah Consultants ( Shair & Partners ) , where he was appointed as Associate of the firm.
and head of the power and telecommunication section.
He was transferred to Chicago for three years, where he supervised and coordinated all the low current and security systems of the new terminal (T5)
of O'hare Chicago International Airport.
Mr. Credi joined RAM Systems in 1996 to become Partner and Technical Director, in charge of the construction operation and management of the various
projects handled by the firm.

Founder's Vision

“Raised at the Jesuits’ College in Egypt, since my childhood, I learned how to be seriously motivated in all my endeavors. Like a water fall would endlessly feed a turbine to generate electrical power to a district, RAM Systems, once assigned a job, it would sustain the challenge of its commitments, no matter the difficulties confronted. ”

-Ramy Sabbagh, Founder and Chairman